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Indian Teas

India is one of the main tea growers, exporting more than 12% of the world's tea and with 523,000 hectares under cultivation. Although indigenous to the Assam region, the first commercially produced teas were raised from seeds brought from China.

By the 1840s, India was producing regular shipments for sale at auction in London, and gradually the planting of estates grew throughout the country from Nilgiri in the south to Darjeeling in the north.

The plantations range from low-grown areas (sea level up to 2000ft) to high-grown (more than 4000 ft high). Generally plucked from March to October, each area produces teas of distinctive character.

Assam GBOP
This Assam Golden Broken Orange Pekoe (GBOP) tea has a wonderful malty flavour.Grown in the Assam Province of North... [More]
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Assam PF
This small leaf PF (Pekoe Fannings) is grown in the Assam district in the North East of India. A very strong full bodied... [More]
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TGFOP: Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe - This grade represents some of the most precious tea in the world. [More]
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Darjeeling 1st Flush
First Flush 2017 from the Teester Valley. (the first pickings of the bush in the spring of each year) This is regarded... [More]
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Darjeeling BOP
A beautiful Medium tea, the (BOP)Broken Orange Pekoe, is a smaller leaf & need a shorter infusion time than FTGFOP,... [More]
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Darjeeling FTGFOP
A truly excellent large leaf tea FTGFOP (finest tippy golden flowery orange pekoe) tea which contain many young leaves... [More]
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Nepal SFTGFOP 1 [More]
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Niligiri Hills
Close to Mysore in the south of India are the Nilgiri Hills (the Blue Mountains). Estates here produce a excellent brew... [More]
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