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Decaffeinated teas

The idea that tea contains as much caffeine as coffee is erroneous. A cup of tea can contain upto a third of the caffeine in an average cup of filtered coffee.

However, the body reacts differently to the caffeine in Tea to the caffeine in coffee. This is due in part to the roasting process that coffee goes through. 

The roasting process changes it's molecular structure, allowing the caffeine to be absorbed into the blood stream much quicker than that of tea, hence the caffeine rush that can happen with coffee.

Afrikaans PF Decaffeinated
Sold out of Afrikaans PF Decaffeinated: More Coming Soon
Afrikaans P.F(Pekoe Fannings) tea, predominantly from South Africa, processed to reduce the caffeine content to less... [More]
Earl Grey Decaffeinated
The superb taste of Earl Grey with oil of Bergamot, but decaffeinated [More]
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