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China Teas

Known as the birthplace of tea, for hundreds of years China produced the only teas known to the western world. Although consuming much of her own production, China still accounts for over 18% of world exports.  China has 1,431,300 hectares planted with tea.

As well as black teas, China produces five other principal types for which the country is famous: Green, Oolong, White, Flavoured and Compressed teas.  With some exceptions - such as Lapsang Souchong, Gunpowder and Keemun - most teas from China are not easily found in the general marketplace.

Finest Pai Mu Tan
The Finest, rare white tea which is made from very small buds and a few baby leaves that are picked in the early spring, and... [More]
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Jasmine with Flowers
This is a semi-fermented tea from Eastern China, it has added Jasmine blossoms to enhance the flavour. Best taken without... [More]
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Keemun is the most famous of China's black teas, requiring great skill to produce. The small, delicate leaf provides... [More]
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Lapsang Souchong
Perhaps the most famous china tea.  It is a unique large leaf tea distinguished by its smoky aroma and flavour. ... [More]
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Rose Congou
This tea is a classical "scented teas". The tea is processed in a traditional way: red rose petals and the tea leaves... [More]
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Yunnan Province FOP
Yunnan, is a province in China that has been growing tea for 1700 years. The `yun` in Yunnan means `cloud`, which is... [More]
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