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Coffee Selection

Select from our delicious range of freshly roasted World Coffees and Gourmet Flavoured varieties.

If you require your coffee ground for a lock and load electric espresso/cappuccino maker, Or require it ground extra fine.  Please choose the Electric Espresso option.

Pure Coffees

This section has a selection of pure A class arabica coffee beans from estate all over the world.

Special Coffees

The coffees in this section are the worlds more special and rare coffees which include the Famous Jamaican Pure Blue Mountain.

Blended Coffees

Our Blended Coffees, are a selection of both well know blended coffees, like Breakfast Blend and a number of in-house blended coffees, like our                     City of Norwich Blend. All blended from Arabica beans to give the best             flavour possible.

Fair Trade Coffees

The coffee's we have under the fair trade heading, are from certificated farms.  They ensure the workers get a fair wage.  The Arona valley & the papua new guinea coffee's are organic & fair traded.  However, the company that buys         and roasts our coffees beans for us only buy ethically traded produce.

Decaffeinated Coffees

 Our regular decaffeinated coffee is full of flavour and has had the caffeine removed in the traditional way. 

The Swiss water decaff, goes through a water decaffeinating process, making it a lovely all day coffee.

Gourmet Flavoured Coffees

Why not treat yourself to one of our wonderful Gourmet Flavoured Coffees. A great addition to any coffee lovers cupboard. With an extensive selection to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Our flavoured coffees including a Spring Water Washed Decaffeinated range.

Flavoured Decaffeinated Coffee

Our flavoured decaffeinated coffee's are not chemically treated, the caffeine is washed out with a Swiss water washing process, making these a really healthy option.

Christmas flavoured Gourmet Coffees

We now have seven Christmas varieties to choose from. From smooth Winter white chocolate to the rich taste of Christmas pudding and Brandy. why not treat all your family to on on Christmas day, great for after dinner.